2021 Reading Log

Total Read: 115

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A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Jennifer L. Armentrout 12/29/2021
Pax, Journey Home Sara PennyPacker 12/18/2021
Dune Frank Herbert *dropped* 12/13/2021
A Light in the Mist Erin Hunter 12/7/2021
From Blood and Ash Jennifer L. Armentrout 12/4/2021
Maverick Lora Leigh 11/28/2021
The Lost Girls Sonia Hartl 11/23/2021
How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories Holly Black 11/13/2021
The Queen of Nothing Holly Black 11/11/2021
The Wicked King Holly Black 11/7/2021
The Cruel Prince Holly Black 11/1/2021
Avatar: Smoke and Shadow Gene Luen Yang 10/23/2021
The Last Tsar's Dragons Jane Yolen 10/21/2021
Winter Garden Kristin Hannah 10/17/2021
Berserk Vol 41 Kentaro Miura 10/12/2021
Berserk Vol 40 Kentaro Miura 10/12/2021
Berserk Vol 39 Kentaro Miura 10/11/2021
Berserk Vol 38 Kentaro Miura 10/11/2021
Berserk Vol 37 Kentaro Miura 10/10/2021
Berserk Vol 36 Kentaro Miura 10/10/2021
Berserk Vol 35 Kentaro Miura 10/07/2021
Berserk Vol 34 Kentaro Miura 10/07/2021
Berserk Vol 33 Kentaro Miura 10/05/2021
Berserk Vol 32 Kentaro Miura 10/03/2021
Berserk Vol 31 Kentaro Miura 10/03/2021
Berserk Vol 30 Kentaro Miura 10/03/2021
Berserk Vol 29 Kentaro Miura 10/02/2021
Berserk Vol 28 Kentaro Miura 9/30/2021
Berserk Vol 27 Kentaro Miura 9/30/2021
Berserk Vol 26 Kentaro Miura 9/29/2021
Splendor Anna Godbersen 9/29/2021
Envy Anna Godbersen 9/25/2021
Rumors Anna Godbersen 9/19/2021
Berserk Vol 25 Kentaro Miura 9/13/2021
Leopardstar's Honor Erin Hunter 9/12/2021
The Luxe Anna Godbersen 9/7/2021
Berserk Vol 16-18 Kentaro Miura 9/3/2021
Homer: The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat Gwen Cooper 8/26/2021
Berserk Vol 13-15 Kentaro Miura 8/25/2021
Berserk Vol 10-12 Kentaro Miura 8/25/2021
Berserk Vol 7-9 Kentaro Miura 8/24/2021
Berserk Vol 4-6 Kentaro Miura 8/24/2021
Berserk Vol 1-3 Kentaro Miura 8/23/2021
The Shadow of Kyoshi F.C. Yee 8/22/2021
A Bend in the Stars Rachel Barenbaum *Dropped* 8/15/2021
Homer's Odyssey Gwen Cooper 8/11/2021
The Rise of Kyoshi F.C. Yee 8/5/2021
Children of Virtue and Vengeance Tomi Adeyemi *dropped* 7/29/2021
Children of Blood and Bone Tomi Adeyemi 7/24/2021
The Lost Daughter Gill Paul 7/17/2021
The Ten Thousand Doors of January Alix E. Harrow 7/12/2021
Avatar: The Rift (Omnibus) Gene Luen Yang 7/7/2021
A Court of Silver Flames Sarah J. Maas 7/5/2021
Warriors: The Ultimate Guide Erin Hunter 6/14/2021
Battles of the Clans Erin Hunter 6/14/2021
Code of the Clans Erin Hunter 6/13/2021
Secrets of the Clans Erin Hunter 6/11/2021
Cat's of the Clans Erin Hunter 6/11/2021
Daisy's Kin Erin Hunter 6/10/2021
Spotfur's Rebellion Erin Hunter 6/10/2021
Graystripe's Vow Erin Hunter 6/10/2021
Winds of Change Erin Hunter 6/5/2021
The Place of No Stars Erin Hunter 6/5/2021
Darkness Within Erin Hunter 6/3/2021
Veil of Shadows Erin Hunter 6/2/2021
The Silent Thaw Erin Hunter 5/30/2021
Lost Stars Erin Hunter 5/28/2021
Blackfoot's Reckoning Erin Hunter 5/26/2021
Tawnypelt's Clan Erin Hunter 5/26/2021
Redtail's Debt Erin Hunter 5/25/2021
Mothwing's Secret Erin Hunter 5/24/2021
Tree's Roots Erin Hunter 5/23/2021
Pebbleshine's Kits Erin Hunter 5/23/2021
Shadowstar's Life Erin Hunter 5/22/2021
Thunderstar's Echo Erin Hunter 5/22/2021
Moth Flight's Vision Erin Hunter 5/21/2021
Path of Stars Erin Hunter 5/15/2021
A Forest Divided Erin Hunter 5/8/2021
The Blazing Star Erin Hunter 5/5/2021
The First Battle Erin Hunter 5/1/2021
Thunder Rising Erin Hunter 4/27/2021
The Sun Trail Erin Hunter 4/25/2021
Pax Sara Pennypacker 4/20/2021
Squirrelflight's Hope Erin Hunter 4/16/2021
Tigerheart's Shadow Erin Hunter 4/12/2021
Hawkwing's Journey Erin Hunter 4/8/2021
The Raging Storm Erin Hunter 4/3/2021
River of Fire Erin Hunter 4/2/2021
Darkest Night Erin Hunter 3/28/2021
Shattered Sky Erin Hunter 3/21/2021
Thunder and Shadow Erin Hunter 3/19/2021
The Apprentice's Quest Erin Hunter 3/14/2021
House of Trelawney Hannah Rothschild 3/9/2021
Avatar: The Search (Omnibus) Gene Luan Yang 2/24/2021
Bramblestar's Storm Erin Hunter 2/21/2021
Crowfeather's Trial Erin Hunter 2/18/2021
Dovewing's Silence Erin Hunter 2/14/2021
Ravenpaw's Farewell Erin Hunter 2/13/2021
Hollyleaf's Story Erin Hunter 2/13/2021
Mistystar's Omen Erin Hunter 2/13/2021
The Last Hope Erin Hunter 2/11/2021
The Forgotten Warrior Erin Hunter 2/7/2021
Sign of the Moon Erin Hunter 2/6/2021
Night Whispers Erin Hunter 1/31/2021
Fading Echoes Erin Hunter 1/28/2021
The Fourth Apprentice Erin Hunter 1/25/2021
The Bronze Horseman Paullina Simons *Dropped* 1/21/2021
Skyclan and the Stranger Erin Hunter 1/18/2021
A Shadow in Riverclan Erin Hunter 1/17/2021
Ravenpaw's Path Erin Hunter 1/17/2021
Tigerstar and Sasha Erin Hunter 1/16/2021
Leafpool's Wish Erin Hunter 1/16/2021
Tigerclaw's Fury Erin Hunter 1/15/2021
Spottedleaf's Heart Erin Hunter 1/15/2021
Goosefeather's Curse Erin Hunter 1/13/2021
Cloudstar's Journey Erin Hunter 1/12/2021
Pinestar's Choice Erin Hunter 1/10/2021
Mapleshade's Vengeance Erin Hunter 1/10/2021
Digimon Reboot Rebekah L, Keisha P, Zuza J. 1/9/2021

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