Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans
Cats of the Clans
Code of the Clans
Battles of the Clans
The Ultimate Guide

Secrets of the Clans - The first field guide, and as such, not entirely consistent with the current lore. There is no mention of SkyClan, and details don't guide align with Dawn of the Clans. However, it is really cool to see that this is where Dawn of the Clans pulled a lot of its ideas from, including the novellas.

Cats of the Clans - A cute excuse to show off some nice illustrations of the cat. The framing device, Rock narrating to the StarClan kits, could be a little annoying though. Not a necessary read since the Ultmate Guide came out.

Code of the Clans - This was a bit boring. It was a series of short stories about vague characters creating parts of the Warrior code.

Battles of the Clans - Also a bit dull. It contains several short stories about battle techniques with interesting points of view, but a lot of the lore isn't backed up in the main series. (ex. Shadowclan only being active at night.)

The Ultimate Guide - A really good showcase of illustrations and character lore up through Dawn of the Clans. It thankfully drops the framing device used for Cats of the Clans, and instead opts for detailed descriptions. It was nice to see Brambleclaw and Tigerclaw's respective leader ceremonies finally.

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