The New Prophecy

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The New Prophecy is a mixed bag. On one hand, it really shakes the series up introducing new conflicts, points of view, and situations. On the other hand, it can be very disjointed, and even boring at times. (Dawn is a particular slog).

I love the concept of this series - taking cats from every clan, forcing them to journey together, and find a new home for the clans. It could lead to some compelling relationships, tensions, and drama. However, it just feels a little undercooked. The Chosen Cats, once assembled, do not have a lot of chemistry. Some of them have little to no interaction (Tawnypelt especially). It would’ve been nice to have every Chosen Cat get to be a Point of View character, especially Crowfeather who falls in forbidden love with not one, but two cats. (Even with his lousy personality).

However, this series is not all bad. In fact, when it’s good it shines. Brambleclaw, at this point, is my favorite character. I love his friendship, and eventual relationship, with Squirrelflight. She goes from being obnoxious to incredibly likable, even when she has beef with Brambleclaw.

The Tribe conflict in Moonlight was interesting, and Feathertail’s death was actually very sad. This is also the point before the Tribe becomes unbearable. The ending of the series felt a little rushed, and I do wish more time would’ve been spent building up Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost’s final confrontation. But overall, I like the New Prophecy.

The New Prophecy - Manga and Short Stories

Skyclan and the Stranger
Graystripe's Adventure
Leafpool's Wish
Wind's of Change

Skyclan and the Stranger - So happy to see another story about Skyclan! Especially one that gives some background into the mysterious Sol, who turns out to just be a really lousy cat. Leafstar shines as a capable and confident leader of Skyclan, dealing with whatever comes her way.

Graystripe's Adventure - The first Warriors Manga! This is a travel story about how Graystripe meets Millie and finds his way home. I’m not a huge fan of travel stories, and I wasn’t super into Graystripe and Mille’s chemistry. It was fine for filling in some story gaps, but nothing incredible.

Leafpool’s Wish - A nice tale showing the conflict Leafpool faces when she realizes she’s pregnant with Crowfeather’s kits. I liked seeing her bond with Squirrelflight, and how they were able to keep the parenting situation of Lionkit, Jaykit, and Hollykit a secret.

Winds of Change - A great graphic novel that gives the reader Mudclaw's perspective of the whole, "Tallstar makes Onewhisker deputy behind Mudclaw's back" situation. Mudclaw's motiviations are completely understandable, even if his actions are wrong.

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