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The Fire Emblem series is comprised of some of my favorite video games of all time. It is a series I fell into by accident, but became hopelessly addicted to. Many of these games have a special place in my heart, especially the Tellius duo. Fire Emblem also holds the distinction of being one of the fandoms I’ve been the most active in over the years. Perhaps you’re here because we met on Amino?

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Favorite Characters

~My all time favorite character is Sephiran~

Path of Radiance

I made the initial mistake of playing Path of Radiance (PoR) AFTER having beat its sequel, Radiant Dawn. Still, this error did not diminish my enjoyment of PoR. If anything, it enhanced it by already familiarizing me with this world and characters. Ike’s narrative is a compelling one, taking the player through a coming of age story across the continent of Tellius. I love that he is not a “Lord” initially, rather a common Mercenary thrust into the role of a leader. I love the wider conflict beyond the inciting incident between Daein and Crimea - specifically the struggles between Beorc and Laguz. While the story is focused, the player can see that a wider and richly thought out contient is looming. While the graphics have not aged the best, the gameplay and story keep me coming back. (Also, this game has my favorite video game cover of all time).

Radiant Dawn

This is my favorite Fire Emblem game of all time, and I know I’m going to get some flack for this. And yes, much of my love can be attributed to nostalgia. Radiant Dawn was the first Fire Emblem game I had ever played, and I was immediately hooked. I have beaten this game more times than I can count, and still come back for more. The world expands so much in Radiant Dawn as loose ends from the first game are tied up and bridge into a continent wide conflict only hinted at previously. Characters carry over from the first game, some with much more depth and purpose. Many have grown, and learned from PoR’s first war. The Ending chapters are some of my favorites of all time. But, this game is far from perfect. It’s very unbalanced, supports are butchered, the large cast means not everyone gets development, and some of the plot points are very sloppy. But I’m in too deep. I owe so much of my creativity, and love of fantasy, to this game and these characters.

Three Houses

This game is the closest I’ve got to feeling what I felt in the Tellius games. Three Houses creates such a rich world and rich characters that I love coming back time and time again. It doesn’t hurt that this game has some of the best presentation of any Fire Emblem game with great cutscenes, art direction, and full voice acting. My biggest complaint is that not all of the routes feel as fleshed out as they could be, and the White Clouds portion starts to feel tedious upon replays. Still, I have never been able to choose a favorite lord because I love them all so much for very different reasons.

Warriors: Three Hopes

I have a confession: I was not excited for this game, and did not enjoy the first few hours of gameplay. It was overwhelming, and reminded me that I didn't really care for the first Warriors. However, this quickly changed when I got used to the systems, and continued being intrigued by the diverging storylines. After getting over the initial hump, this game was an absolute blast. I loved the AU story paths, and that my girl Edelgard gets a more satisfying storyline. It also answered a lot of left over questions from Three Houses, and was just the perfect companion piece. Not to mention the Warriors style gameplay ends up being really fun.

Geneaology of the Holy War

This was the first Japanese-exclusive FE game I played to completion, and what a journey it was. It took me many years to finally give it a try, and I owe my willingness to play it this YouTube video, which explains how to get started. The game stands out by having a multi-generational story with several gut-punches and some of the largest maps I've ever seen. I enjoyed the story, its characters, and its, at times, punishing gameplay. It felt so good to get stronger and stronger and finally see good triumph.


I have Awakening to thank for, well, re-awakening this series. When I first got into Fire Emblem I couldn’t find another soul IRL that knew what it was, or liked it as much as I did. I had to live in niche forums and image boards to get my fix. Then Awakening came along and changed everything. I can’t begin to describe how exciting it was to have voice acting (even limited), an avatar, romance, etc. Now that time has passed, I don’t really come back to Awakening anymore. I like its characters, but the world is not as deep enough to keep me coming back again and again. Still, I am thankful for what this game did to the series.


These were the first games I ever pre-ordered, then rushed to get. I was so excited for Fates, especially after how much I loved Awakening. After playing all three routes, I’ve decided that these are a very mixed bag. I love a lot of the characters, more so than many other FE games, but when they don’t hit, they really don’t hit. The anime archetypes can be grating, and the stories are very sloppy. Gameplay is also a mixed bag depending on the route. However, the music is God Tier, and one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. I like coming back to these for the characters and music, but that’s about it.

Shadows of Valentia

Here begins the series of games I’ve only played once, but really enjoyed! Shadows of Valentia (SoV) was also a pre-order, only this time with the collector’s edition. This FE has my favorite art style of any FE game period. Its music and presentation (full voice acting) are incredible! However, since it is a remake, it suffers from some of the old systems of its original incarnation, Gaiden. It’s a fun time, and worth a visit.

Blazing Sword

I played this years and years ago, and remember loving the characters and story. I think the three lords being friends and going on a smaller scale journey was very appealing. I need to go back and play this one.

Sacred Stones

Another one I played years ago that I also remember really enjoying. It was my first introduction to branching paths in a FE game, and I liked what was on display here.

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