Virtual Pet Sites are soooo Early 2000's

PHP style virtual pet sims, specifically Neopets, are my jam. Neopets introduced me to HTML, Paint, and how to use a computer in general. Some see it as a relic of the past that needs to die, but I disagree. The game is endearing, and still fun to play today!
My username is emilyac01 - neofriends me :^)



My pets from my main account, Leopets account, and side accounts :)





My favorite vistas of the Neopian world~



Favorites of the Neodeck series - not to be confused with the Wizard's of the Coast game!


Other Fun Pet Sites

Verpets --- Subeta


Neopets, beloved as it is, also came with strict rules and a huge overhaul of features. To combat this, many other pet sites tried their hand at launching a more lenient game, one of which was Verpets. Verpets brought a lot of long desired features into their PHP pet game. Verpets allows users to have 8 pets, more if they buy slots. Pets are found in an RPG style overworld, battled, and captured. They have their own profiles that function almost the same as the user's. This means, pets can comment on each other's profiles, friend other pets, and even pick "companions". Paid content is interesting as well. Players can use custom pet designs or avatars for small monetary fees.

Unfortunately, Verpets userbase fizzled out. While the site still exists, it is only accessed by a few players daily (often less then 10). The site has not seen significant gameplay updates or features in years. Without an active community, "multiplayer" features are hard to enjoy.

Regardless, the art is incredible, and so are the pets! Here are my favorite designs:


Subeta was the "first" more grown up version of Neopets. It has incredible art, and features customizable human avatars. It has many features similar to Verpets, but developed them first. Unfortunately, I haven't played quite as much of Subeta as I had Neopets and Verpets. However, I adore the pet designs and want to share my favorite!

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