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Pokemon has been a very large part of my life, and a series I continue to love even as an adult. Feel free to take a look at the things I love from this series - Especially Slowpoke!


Mle's Favorite Pokemon!

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Favorite Game:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorer's Of Sky

A twist! My favorite game isn't main series!
Explorer's of Sky is the definitive Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. The story is charming, but takes itself seriously. Each cutscene feels like a genuine reward for overcoming challenging dungeons. The emotional core of the story carries throughout with themes of friendship, future, and identity. By the end, I was shedding more than a few tears. Not only is the gameplay and story incredible, but the sprite work is very aesthetically pleasing. The soundtrack is also iconic in its own right, with up beat adventuring tunes coupled with solemn desolate themes. Explorer's of Sky is one of the few games I can put hours into without even noticing. It's an incredible game that I recommend to all Pokemon fans. Who was your team? I was Vulpix and Riolu :)

Favorite Main Series Game:

Pokemon Crystal

This was honestly a very difficult choice. Pokemon Red, Silver, and Ruby were pivotal parts of my childhood. Aside from those, Black, Black 2, Soul Silver, Omega Ruby, and Sword captivated me as a teenager and adult. However, Crystal stands as my favorite adventure to visit again and again. Crystal's quality of life features and new mechanics defined future generations. (Not to mention finally playing as a female). Similar to the rest of Generation 2, these are the only adventures that feature two regions to explore. Crystal's art direction also connects with me. The watercolor Sugimori art is energetic, and sharper. The sprites are animated with more personality than ever before. I can't get enough of the pixel art and color pallette. It's a nostalgic adventure that I play again and again.

Favorite Rom Hacks!:

Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism is a rom hack of Pokemon Crystal version. It was a lofty project by Rainbowdevs, and unfortunatly was shut down by Nintendo before it could be officially released. Thankfully, the patch was leaked online, and is playable to the public.
Prism is an incredibly fun Pokemon experience. It is multi-regional with new types, Pokemon from later generations (with fully animated sprites), dungeons where you can play as your Pokemon, side scrolling sections, and more! It is truly my favorite Pokemon experience.
Unfortunatly, the cease and desist means the game was never truly completed. Thankfully, a dedicated user base has kept up with it on the r/pokemonprism subreddit.

Pokemon Crystal Clear

Pokemon Crystal Clear is yet another Crystal Rom Hack, this time by ShockSLayer. Crystal Clear is the closest thing I've found to an open world Pokemon adventure. Crystal Clear allows the player to begin their adventure in Johto or Kanto. Gyms can be challenged in any order, and all areas of the game are open. Each time you defeat a gym, the levels of gym leaders' and trainers' Pokemon scale up. All Pokemon are avilable for capture in the wild, including starters. The game can be tackled in a many different ways, which is what made it so fun for me!
Here is a link to the subreddit

Avid collector, and casual player of the trading card game.
In many ways, I enjoy the strategy of the card game, more than the video games.
My favorite cards are from Expedition Base Set, Aquapolis, and Skyridge!

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