Hi, I'm Mle, or Emily.

Twenty-something American girl whose brain is full of useless trivia, and only a few relevant life skills.
Thanks for stopping by my site!
As you can see,I'm passionate for my hobbies back from the early 2000's.
This site was made with the goal of capturing that time in my life, but repurposing it in a way that makes sense in the present.

Contact Me?
Discord: MleSoup #0181
Neopets: emilyac01

Here are some of the other things I like:

(Besides Pokemon, Digimon, Neopets)
-Fire Emblem
my favorite series of all time hands down
-Super Smash Bros. Duh
-StarDew Valley
-Sonic (especially CD and Unleashed lmao)
-A Night in the Woods
-Animal Crossing
-HypnoSpace Outlaw
-Humungous Entertainment Games
(Put-Put, PJ Sam, Freddy Fish, Spy Fox)
-Legend of Zelda
-Super Mario Odyssey
-Super Lucky's Tale
-Emperor's New Groove PS1
(y'all are sleeping on this game)

-Avatar The Last Airbender
-FMA Brotherhood
-Cowboy BeBop
-The Legend of Korra
-Wolf' Rain
-Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
-Ginga Densetsu Weed
-Yuri on Ice
-Your Lie in April
-Code Geass
-Howl's Moving Castle
-Kiki's Delivery Service
-(Tons of Ghibli basically)
-Wolf Children
-Summer Wars

Books and Movies and Other Stuff Too.

Envy:Very Low

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