2022 Reading Log

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House of Earth and Blood Sarah J. Maas 8/12/2022
The Great Alone Kristin Hannah 7/31/2022
The Flames of Hope Tui Sutherland 7/25/2022
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen 7/22/2022
The Maidens Alex Michaelides 7/17/2022
Avatar: North and South Gene Luen Yang 7/14/2022
A Deal With the Elf King Elise Kova 7/11/2022
Dragonslayer Tui Sutherland *dropped* 7/7/2022
Exile from Shadowclan Erin Hunter 7/5/2022
The Winglets Quartet Tui Sutherland 7/5/2022
Darkstalker Tui Sutherland 7/4/2022
The Dangerous Gift Tui Sutherland 6/29/2022
The Poison Jungle Tui Sutherland 6/25/2022
The Hive Queen Tui Sutherland 6/18/2022
The Lost Continent Tui Sutherland 6/16/2022
Darkness of Dragons Tui Sutherland 6/12/2022
Talons of Power Tui Sutherland 6/11/2022
Escaping Peril Tui Sutherland 6/7/2022
Winter Turning Tui Sutherland 6/4/2022
Moon Rising Tui Sutherland 5/31/2022
The Brightest Night Tui Sutherland 5/30/2022
The Dark Secret Tui Sutherland 5/28/2022
The Hidden Kingdom Tui Sutherland 5/25/2022
The Lost Heir Tui Sutherland 5/23/2022
The Dragonet Prophecy (Graphic Novel) Tui Sutherland, Mike Holmes 5/20/2022
The Dragonet Prophecy Tui Sutherland 5/20/2022
The War of Two Queens Jennifer Armentrout 5/17/2022
River Erin Hunter 5/11/2022
Kingdom of Ash Sarah J. Maas 5/9/2022
Tower of Dawn Sarah J. Maas 4/29/2022
Empire of Storms Sarah J. Maas 4/29/2022
Queen of Shadows Sarah J. Maas 4/9/2022
Heir of Fire Sarah J. Maas 3/29/2022
The Assassin's Blade Sarah J. Maas 3/20/2022
Crown of Midnight Sarah J. Maas 3/16/2022
Throne of Glass Sarah J. Maas 3/16/2022
The Likeness Tana French 3/6/2022
Verity Colleen Hoover 2/26/2022
The Secret Wife Gill Paul 2/20/2022
Once There Were Wolves Charlotte McConaghy 2/14/2022
In the Woods Tana French 2/9/2022
No Exit Taylor Adams 2/2/2022
Behind Her Eyes Sarah Pinborough 1/30/2022
Anxious People Fredrik Backman 1/27/2022
When Truth is All You Have Jim McKloskey, Philip Lerman 1/24/2022
Neva's Story Austin McConnell, Clara Smith 1/17/2022
A Shadow in the Ember Jennifer Armentrout 1/16/2022
Punderworld Linda Šejić 1/9/2022
The Crown of Gilded Bones Jennifer Armentrout 1/8/2022

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