Slowpoke's Well has been updated to include my faves from late generation 8 and generation 9. Also happy almost three year Neocities anniversary to me :)



Read the new cat book, Onestar's Confession, and updated the Warriors page to record my thoughts on it. (It was okay). Updated here.



Updated the Fire Emblem Page now that I've completed FE 4. Also got around to updating my gaming log.



Drew Moonwatcher since I've been in a Wings of Fire binge :-)



New drawing - this time of the Ghost Game mons. Not sure how I feel about the series as a whole yet, but I love these guys.



The newest Cat Book (tm) series has dropped, which means I updated my Warriors section again.



Another year has passed! I can't believe it's been almost two whole years since I started work on this site. I still remember coding it in my old apartment while it snowed heavily outside. So much has changed, but not my taste in winter beverage (pink whitney mixed with pink lemonade if you're curious.)
Just like last year, I've reset my reading log to 2022, and archive the 2021 log. So glad to have welcomed pleasure reading back into my life. Logging it all has really kept me motivated to continue believe it or not.



Oh God... have I really not made a proper update since my last Warriors review? Uh yikes... anyway have another Warriors review since The Broken Code just finished up.



Leopardstar's Honor review added to the Warriors page. Good Lord, these books need longer development cycles and way more editing.



Soft launching my Fire Emblem portion of the site. I have a backlog of things I want to add to it, but it's in a ready enough state to present.



More art added! This time an animated Garurumon



Added a new art piece, a kitty cat I made last month. Also made a few updates to the anime section of the about me page.



Added some new badges... no where important:

On a comletely unrelated note....



As of today I am *finally* caught up on all the Warriors Cats books (roughly 95 in counting). I don't know if I'm proud or horrified.
Either way, that means the Warriors section of the site is finally up to date.



After spending so much time reading so many Warriors Cats books, I've decided that it's time to dedicate a portion of the site to them! I have created a Warriors fanpage to review all the books I've been reading, and to keep track of this "journey". Check it out!
Additionally, I want to continue adding more fanpages without cluttering the navigation bar. As such, I've created a dedicated portion of the nav to my "fan pages". I may direct all traffic that way in the future, but for now I think this is fine. Here is a quick link!



(Putting here since it pertains to Reading Log Updates). On my Warriors Cats bullshit forever! I reread the original series last years, and just... kept going. Now I'm in full commitment mode where I want to read every. single. book. published. Erin Hunter owns my Reading Log from now on.



New link-back button added. Figured I needed a Digimon one!



Happy New Year and whatever else! This site is almost an entire year old, and I haven't abandoned it. Woohoo!
Small update, but I've archived the 2020 Reading Log and began work on the 2021 Reading Log. I know I update these logs more than any other part of the site, but they're honeslty just very low maintance and help keep me on top of my reading goals.

In other news, I finally had time to go through the websites of my new followers. Thanks a bunch! I always make a point to view your websites, and add your buttons if we're mutuals. If I missed you, let me know! :)



Added a peice of art from 2018. This time, it's Echidna from Fire Emblem!


New Art! I'll probably go back to uploading from my archive for a while after this.


Taking a break from uploading my archive to upload new Fire Emblem Art! Happy to draw something again. :-)


"New" Art Added! This is a second in my series of "uploading my old artwork".


Hey there Krusty Krew. I finally have some art to post! I rediscovered a folder of art that I made around 2017-2018. I will be uploading them periodically in the upcoming days/weeks to avoid an art dump.
I'm also not sure if I'm going to keep up with my Digimon Adventure 2020 log. I'm pretty lazy tbh, but at least it's airing again. :-)



I'm totally on a Digimon kick. The new show premiered today, and I'm going to attempt to blog my thoughts every week on this page. Eventually, I'm doing to declutter it, probably with iframes or something.
Additionally, I've added a link to my Digimon World Next Order Monsters. Both new pages can be found on the Digimon Portion of the Site.
Other updates are small. Added new links to the homepage (thank you for the new follows, and introducing me to cool new sites!). I also reordered my Reading and Gaming logs to go by newest to oldest instead of vice versa.



Hello hello! I've been making small updates here and there. I finally added some new art! For a site called "MLE-S-Paint" it's been a while. I also added a Gaming Log to accompany my Reading Log which can also be accessed from my about me page.
Finally, more links have been added to the Index. Check them out, there are tons of amazing users and sites on NeoCities! :) Otherwise I've just been making small updates to my logs and journal. Hope to have something a little more substantial soon.



Howdy! I've been making a few tweaks around the site. First, I've added some record keeping, the first among them is my 2020 Reading Log which can also be accessed from the about me page.
I'm also working on a few more Digimon pages. There are no links yet, but you may see them as I update them :)



Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I'm so happy that you're here visiting. I've updated the frontpage with new buttons of cool websites and mutuals. If you want yours to be added don't hesitate to ask! (My Discord and Neopets are on my About Me page!)
Besides that, I'm continuing to make small imporvements here and there. I've seperated site news from my journal so they no longer overlap. I'm hoping to add more content in the weeks to come!



We're Live!

Heyheyhey! I'm finally in a good enough spot where I feel comfortable "launching"! The site is still a bit of a work in progress. I plan to keep updating this log, post more "art", and maybe make a few more fan pages. Who knows, but I'm very excited that you're here reading this. :]



Progress is coming along quite nicely, I'm starting to get a real idea of what I want this site to look like. This excercise has been so cathartic and good for me. It's been months since I've been able to lose myself this much in a creative project. Hours go by, and I don't even notice. It reminds me of being a kid, and losing hours of my time to playing in Micosoft Front Page and the Neopets HTML editors on my dad's computer. Neocities has reminded me of a time where fan-sites reigned supreme, and everyone's webpages were expressions of themselves. I love the modern convenience of current technology and social media, but part of me also misses being able to really customize my profiles and spaces online.



Today I am working on making changes to this space (obviously). The site hasn't launched yet, but I needed SOMETHING to go here.
It's snowing today. It's sort of beautiful in an "observe, don't interact" type of way. I really don't like snow. It feels suffocating, and confines to me a single space. The roads are slippery, and present a level of danger that doesn't exist on an otherwise clear day.
Oh well, no sense in complaining about what I can't change.
Honestly, I just want Taco Bell.